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Applications are The Most Vulnerable Part of Every Business

A new category solution is mandated: Zero Trust for application security


An iron-clad armor for mission-critical applications:

The patented GUARDx™ solution is built in, not bolted on application security. With a unique 'inside-out' approach fortified by six intelligent behaviorial analytics modules, organizations can say goodbye to the status quo of threat specific protection and get a solution that truly delivers on the zero trust model.

On Premises



Embedded Mission-Critical Applications


Born from National Defense Research, Ready to Run

SemanticGuard has now commercialized the GUARDx™ solution, created with CFD Research the Department of Defense (DOD) to secure the most mission-critical applications. 

The solution has achieved proven results including:


Detection of Threats


False Positives


Application Latency


Smaller Footprint




Real-Time Application Specific Protection, Detection, & Response Platform for Mission-Critical Software

Experience the Power of 6 Application Security Modules

Consistency Module

Active Byte Analysis

Protects against man-in-the-middle attacks by allowing users to specify byte behavior of incoming messages

Relationship Module

Message Type Analysis

Protects against masquerading by verifying sender, receiver, and message types

Firewall Module

Dynamic Threat Analysis

Protects against dynamic threat vectors by enhancing the host firewall with application specific packet inspection

Context Module

Behavior Analysis

Protects the integrity of the application by monitoring software processes and measuring them against the applications’ intended design

Temporal Module

Message Time Analysis

Protects against network or system changes by monitoring message arrival times for outliers

Proximity Module

Network Location Analysis

Protects against spoofing and network changes by monitoring ping times and hop counts

Mission Critical Applications: Leave Nothing to Chance

Tomorrow’s threats target applications and embedded components. It's time to address AppSec and DevOps holistically with new innovations. Zero Trust for applications is now a reality.

SemanticGuard is focused on the most mission-critical markets including:



Critical Infrastructure




SemanticGuard™Inc. Wins SBIR for F-22 Cyber Intrusion Detection and Prevention

SemanticGuard announces it has been selected by AFWERX for a SBIR Phase II contract in the amount of $1.25M focused on GUARDx cyber protection and resiliency to address the most pressing challenges in the Department of the Air Force (DAF). Read more

SemanticGuard was recently awarded a prestigious grant from Innovate Alabama

Innovate Alabama is Alabama’s first statewide public-private partnership focused on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Read more


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