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Our Mission 

To make this world a safer, more secure place for all of humanity.

Our responsibility as a mission-driven company has a higher purpose!


We follow a business strategy, to benefit both human beings and the environment to make the world a better place.


We focus on a purpose beyond pure profits; which inspires and engages our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, stakeholders, investors, and others!

SemanticGuard holds the patent for GUARDx,    an innovative semantic reasoning solution. GUARDx disrupts the status quo of traditional threat-specific protection with more effective real-time application-specific protection, detection, and response for mission-critical software.


The solution’s tailorable intelligent behavior-based model delivers on the Zero Trust model for on-prem, cloud, and embedded software applications. GUARDx establishes a “normal” behavior baseline for how each secured application is accessed, shares data, and communicates with other systems, then continuously monitors for anomalies. A real-time aggregated trust score based on six behavior analytics modules increases efficacy and decision-making speed.

GUARDx secures applications that power mission-critical markets, including aerospace, critical infrastructure (Energy/Utility), healthcare, financial, and defense operations. It was developed by SemanticGuard in collaboration with CFD Research, a premier R&D government subcontractor, with funding from the US Department of Defense (DoD).





Of applications have vulnerabilities (Synopsys)

1 in 5

Organizations do not test for software security flaws


Average days for discovery of application vulnerabilities


Of DDoS attacks target the application layer



Application layer contains 90% of all vulnerabilities (Gartner)
Direct-path attacks surged 497% over the past 2 years

The fact that GUARDx caught 100% of the BFT red team inputs during extensive testing is a big deal. Having used these systems on the battlefield, the level of protection GUARDx provides is game-changing - especially if going up against a peer adversary. SemanticGuard's innovative GUARDx solution will ensure the competitive advantage for America's warfighter."

Lt Col (ret) Jared 'Odie' Herbert

Former Deputy Commander, 58th Operations Group, USAF

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